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WINNO ENERGY: Your strong partner in biomass boiler plants

We understand the importance of renewable energy technology and how it can affect the environment and your own energy costs. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past few years to provide customers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their individual needs, helping them make the switch from traditional power sources to more efficient and cost-effective renewable energy technologies.

CHP and Biomass boiler, Winno Energy.
CHP and Biomass boiler, Winno Energy.

Our team is passionate about finding new, cost-effective solutions for our clients that not only reduce their environmental footprint but also help them save money in the long run.

Our innovative technical solutions can help.

Biomass heating.
Wood chip, Winno Energy.

Our team is dedicated to exploring the latest technologies that will enable you to harness the use of local fuel sources, so you can benefit from lower costs and smaller carbon footprint. 

We made deliveries in Finland, England and Scotland in past years and we are planning to expand to new markets in the coming years.

Energy from waste, Winno Energy.
Industrial biomass boiler, Winno Energy.
Winno Energy.

Winno Energy has long history in designing and supplying a wide range of biomass boiler plants in the Europe.

Juha Junttila, Winno Energy.

Juha Junttila

Juha is a Managing Director in Winno Energy and has a long history in bioenergy field.

Feel free to connect::
+358 44 985 9051 juha@winnosolutions.com

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