Modular solutions

Modular solutions 0.5-4 MW

Our biomass boiler plants always offer you a reliable and competitive option when compared to building a heating station on site. Our manufacturing partner is located in Baltics where we can offer competitive modular biomass boiler packages for our European, Scandinavian and North American clients.

You will avoid unpleasant surprises as you will know the total cost and the exact delivery date at the time of placing an order with us.

A modular biomass boiler plant can also be used as security when leasing or paying in instalments.

​Please do not hesitate to ask us about competitive financing alternatives for your biomass heating plants.

Benefits of the technology

  • The high fuel moisture content up to +40%
  • The pricing is at a competitive rating
  • The installation is quick and a risk free solution
  • Inverter based automation
  • Different wood fuel options
  • CHP Option available via our ORC partners
  • Remote control as standard

Our offering

  • Ready made modular biomass boiler plants
  • The installation support is supervised for the clients
  • Modular biomass plant will be delivered to the site directly from assembly plant

How to work with us

  • That solution is ideal for partners who wants easy and quick biomass installation
  • Please send your biomass project requirements and we will propose right configuration and pricing within few days for your needs


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