Biomass boiler islands

Best solution for commercial biomass projects (0.2-1MW)

We are offering boiler island solutions for our our who are switching to the biomass heating. Using our Winnovative biomass solutions they can reduce project risk and speed up delivery on site when our boiler island is installed under our supervision.

Combined Heat and Power option

Our boiler island solution allows CHP units which produce electricity via ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology. We have selected an ORC partners for biomass projects who have a proven track record.

Benefits of the technology

  • High fuel moisture content up to +45%
  • Competitive pricing
  • Smart automation
  • Remote control connection via mobile
  • Strong fuel feeding technology which allows to use low-quality fuels
  • CHP Option available
  • Robust walking floor where lorries would unload directly

Our offering

  • Biomass boiler island solution delivered to the site globally
  • Supervised installation support for clients and turnkey deliveries with our partners
  • Delivery to site directly from assembly plant

Biomass boiler islands

  • Pre-wired solution
  • Skid mounted unit
  • Plug-and-play solution

How to work with us?

  • Please send your heating requirements requirements
  • We will make an optimal solution proposal which will meet your requirements
  • We will deliver the biomass boiler island to your installation site
  • We will offer onsite support during installation and commissioning
  • Handover & training provided for biomass boiler plant




Biomass boiler island

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Industrial Biomass Boiler

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