Biomass CHP Island

What is the Biomass Micro CHP?

Micro combined heat and power or micro-CHP or mCHP is an extension of the idea of cogeneration to the single/multi family home or small office building in the range of up to 50 Kw Local generation has the potential for a higher efficiency than traditional grid-level generators since it lacks the 8-10% energy losses from transporting electricity over long distances. It also lacks the 10–15% energy losses from heat transfer in district heating networks due to the difference between the thermal energy carrier (hot water) and the colder external environment. 40KW Our gasification CHP units uses wood-waste as the fuel which reduces  carbon dioxide emissions.

Brief History of Gasification technology

The process of producing energy using the gasification method has been in use for more than 180 years.

In the early time coal and peat were used to power these plants. Initially developed to produce town gas for lighting and cooking in the 1800s, this was replaced by electricity and natural gas, it was also used in blast furnaces but the bigger role was played in the production of synthetic chemicals where it has been in use since the 1920s.

During both world wars, especially the World War II, the need for fuel produced by gasification reemerged due to the shortage of petroleum.Wood gas generators, called Gasogene or Gazogène, were used to power motor vehicles in Europe.

By 1945 there were trucks, buses and agricultural machines that were powered by gasification. It is estimated that there were close to 9,000,000 vehicles running on biomass based syngas all over the world.

Why our 40KWe downdraft gasification CHP islands are best in the renewable energy markets​

  • We can use waste wood with higher moisture content up to 40% (Our plants do not need a dryers before gasification)
  • Waste wood can be low-quality waste wood = lower fuel cost to produce electricity
  • Our gas cleaning system is water based cleaning system = cleaner gas and lower OPEX costs when engine gets clean gas
  • Our pricing is competitive with around three year payback time
  • Delivery will be on the CHP island which is platform mounted plug&play solution
  • Remote locations will get quickly required  extra power capacity without expensive grid extensions.
  • Reduces carbon footprint when waste wood can be used as valuable source
  • We have got testing facilities available and we are happy to test any new kind of fuels. 

Key specifications of our CHP island:

  • Electrical output: 40KWe
  • Thermal output: 80KWth
  • Availability +8000h per annum
  • Configuration: Platform mounted unit with modular walking floor fuel storage
  • Plug and play solution
  • Fuel: Waste wood chips G30-50 with max 60% moisture content


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