Privacy policy

Data controller

Winno Energy Oy
Business ID 3254753-7
Hitsaajankatu 20, 00810 Helsinki
Puh: +358 44985 9051

Contact Person

CEO Juha Junttila
+358 44985 9051

Register Name

Winno Energy customer and marketing register

Purpose of Processing Personal Data
Personal data is processed for maintaining customer relationships, providing and developing
services, improving customer service, and for marketing communications. The purpose of
processing is to manage customer relationships, administration, implement the rights and
obligations of the customer and the data controller, and process personal data in accordance
with the Personal Data Act for purposes related to online services. Additionally, personal
data are processed for the marketing of the data controller and companies belonging to the
same group at any given time, including third-party (external marketing company) marketing,
which may also be executed electronically.

Register Content

Basic information: name, address, email address
Product information recorded in the request for quotation and/or quotation
Information related to billing and collection, financial information
Event information
Information related to the customer relationship and contractual relationship
Information provided by the registered person

Regular Sources of Information

Information provided by the customer and any additional information recorded by Winno
Energy Oy in customer service situations

Necessity of Information

Information is necessary for providing services to customers, maintaining and managing
customer relationships through various channels, direct marketing, as well as for planning,
statistics, and monitoring of the organization’s own operations. Information may also be used
as necessary with a third party, for example, a marketing partner.

Disclosure of Information

Winno Energy Oy discloses customer information within the limits imposed by current
legislation. Customer personal data is primarily processed and stored within the EU or EEA.
However, due to the technical implementation of data processing, some customer data may
also be processed or stored outside the EU or EEA

Principles of Register Protection

Personal data is carefully protected by both technical and administrative measures. Access
to the information is limited to those who need it for their tasks.

Data Retention Period

Information is retained only as long as necessary for the purposes of processing.

General Rights of the Registered

The registered has the right to inspect, correct, delete, or limit information concerning
themselves, as well as to object to processing and transfer data from one system to another.

Other Rights of the Registered

The registered has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority if they believe
that their data has been processed in violation of current legislation.

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This privacy policy was last updated on March 14, 2024. We reserve the right to make changes to the privacy policy

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