Boilers and walking floors

Boilers and walking floors

Great biomass boilers and walking floor storage solutions for the installers who want to build their own biomass boiler plants from components!

Our biomass boilers are used for heating of large sized residential and industrial premises and supplying heat for technological needs.

We can offer following boilers and biomass heating components for your biomass projects:

  • Biomass Boilers
  • Walking floor solutions for biomass fuel storage
  • Spring agitators for biomass storage
  • Small biomass fuel storage silos up to 35m3
  • Multi cyclones for flue gas cleaning
  • Fluegas fans
  • Feeding augers with automation
  • Scraper biomass conveyors

Fuel used: saw dust, wood chips, pellets of various types, compressed peat, grain waste, grain or other biomass based fuels.

Benefits of the technology

  • High biomass fuel moisture content up to +45%
  • Competitive pricing
  • Smart and intelligent automation which handles biomass nicely
  • Integrated heat exchangers can be as option when domestic hot water is available directly from boiler

Our offering

  • UK/EU and US approved Biomass boilers 
  • Biomass fuel storages and feeding systems available as well. 
  • Brilliant solution for biomass installers who want install kits at the site
  • Easy to make different configuration to meet client demands.
  • Delivery to site directly from boiler manufacturing plant

How to work with us

  • Please send your biomass project requirements
  • We will offer required components for your biomass project
  • We will deliver components to your site.
  • We will offer support during installation and commissioning for your biomass boiler plant



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