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Empowering Heat Production for a Greener Future

In the heart of Varsinais-Suomi, HP Heat Oy, a pioneering heat production company established in 2015, has been rapidly expanding its footprint in the renewable energy sector. Specializing in providing heat to industrial, commercial, and district heating clients, HP Heat Oy has embraced a customer-centric approach, emphasizing domestic bioenergy and circular economy principles in its strategy.

Client Profile: HP Heat Oy, Turku

HP Heat Oy’s commitment to sustainability and local energy sources made them an ideal partner for Winno Energy Oy, a leading supplier in the renewable energy industry. The collaboration between these two innovative entities aimed to revolutionize the heat production landscape, focusing on a 1MW district heating plant located in the picturesque village of Paattinen, serving Turku Energia’s heat network.

Project Overview:

Client: HP Heat Oy, Turku
Plant: 1MW district heating plant
Network Length: 2 km
Fuel Storage: Two-bar walking floor
Background: HP Heat Oy, responsible for the satellite district heating network at Paattinen, sought to enhance its heat production capacity while adhering to its commitment to customer satisfaction, local bioenergy, and circular economy principles.

Challenges Faced:

HP Heat Oy faced several challenges in expanding its district heating plant, including:

1. Capacity Enhancement: Increasing the plant’s capacity to meet growing demand while maintaining operational efficiency.

2. Countryside Integration: Ensuring the new biomass boiler aligns with the heritage scenery of the countryside.

3. Supply Chain Management: Coordinating the delivery and installation of technology components with minimal disruptions to ongoing operations.

Winno Energy Oy’s Solutions:

Winno Energy Oy, as the technology provider, implemented strategic solutions to address these challenges:

1. Advanced Biomass Boiler Technology: Supplied and integrated a state-of-the-art biomass boiler, enhancing heat production efficiency while meeting environmental standards.

2. Heritage Scenery Integration: Designed the biomass boiler installation to seamlessly blend with the rural landscape, respecting the local heritage.

3. Efficient Fuel Storage: Provided a two-bar walking floor system for convenient and organized biomass fuel storage, optimizing the supply chain.

Results and Achievements:

The collaboration between Winno Energy Oy and HP Heat Oy yielded significant results:

1. Capacity Boost: The new biomass boiler increased the district heating plant’s capacity, ensuring a reliable and sustainable heat supply to the Turku Energia network.

2. Countryside Aesthetics: The biomass boiler installation harmoniously fits into the rural environment, showcasing Winno Energy Oy’s commitment to aesthetic integration.

3. Streamlined Supply Chain: The implementation of the two-bar walking floor system optimized biomass fuel storage, enhancing the overall efficiency of the supply chain.


The successful collaboration between Winno Energy Oy and HP Heat Oy stands as a testament to the power of innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector. By addressing the unique challenges faced by HP Heat Oy and integrating cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness, Winno Energy Oy has not only met but exceeded the expectations of its client. This project exemplifies the potential for creating a greener future through collaborative efforts in the renewable energy industry.

Join Winno Energy Oy in our journey towards a sustainable tomorrow!

800KW Fuel Storage Turku.

800KW from the front Turku.

800KW fuel feeding Turku.

800KW automaatio interface.

Case Study Turku, Winno Energy.

3D Modeling of the Plant, Winno Energy.

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