Winno Energy Supplies Innovative Bioenergy Solution to Vatajankoski Oy

Winno Energy is excited to announce a significant stride in our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions. We’ve recently sold a second-hand 700Kw bioenergy plant to Vatajankoski Oy, a respected energy company known for its reliable heat energy distribution through district heating networks.

This plant is unique – it’s a modular sandwich container-based system. This design underscores our dedication to supporting advanced and environmentally conscious energy solutions. The modular approach ensures an efficient process and a tailor-made solution for our client.

Vatajankoski Oy has also innovated in the field of energy storage with their development of a sand battery system. While our bioenergy plant does not supply heat to this sand battery, its existence in Vatajankoski Oy’s repertoire highlights the company’s commitment to pioneering energy solutions.


Innovative Bioenergy Solution.


As summer approaches, our Winno Energy team is preparing for a busy season ahead. The plant will be dismantled in June 2023, and the thorough installation process at the new site is slated for July 2023. We aim to start heating operations by August 2023, ensuring warmth is delivered precisely when it’s most needed.

This project is crucial as it enables Vatajankoski Oy to confidently meet their client’s heating demands for the upcoming season, further strengthening their reputation for reliable and punctual service.

At Winno Energy, we are not just providing energy solutions but are also facilitating the path towards greener and more efficient energy utilization. Supplying this plant to Vatajankoski Oy marks a significant step in that direction.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates as we progress on this exciting journey. This endeavor is just one of the many sustainable initiatives we are proud to be a part of.

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Juha Junttila, Winno Energy.

Juha Junttila

Juha is a Managing Director in Winno Energy and has a long history in bioenergy field.

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