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About the client: Luumäen Pelletti Oy produces and delivers pellets for fuel and bedding – and they do all this from start to finish without carbon dioxide emissions. They serve their customers from production to delivery, and want to offer ecological energy solutions not only to large players but also to private households. 

Challenge: In 2023, Luumäen Pelletti Oy’s pellet plant was in a critical stage of development with a partially installed wood chip boiler, drum dryer, sieve, and partly fitted piping system.

As the year 2023 unfolded, Luumäen Pelletti Oy faced a daunting challenge at their pellet manufacturing facility. A crucial wood chip boiler, along with a drum dryer, sieve, and an array of partially installed pipelines, lay in a state of semi-installation, threatening to derail the year’s production processes.

Winno Energy stepped into this pivotal moment with a commitment to not only complete the installation of the aforementioned equipment but to also implement comprehensive instrumentation and automation. Our goal was to enable the facility to operate on a continuous 24/7 basis, autonomously. This intervention was not just about salvaging the drying process for the year’s production; it was also about empowering the client’s personnel with the knowledge and skills to operate the plant effectively.

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Our Comprehensive Solution:

  1. Final Installation: We took on the task of completing the installation of the plant equipment, ensuring that each component was correctly positioned and functional.

  2. Instrumentation and Automation: Our team meticulously worked on the full instrumentation and automation of the plant systems, paving the way for autonomous operation.

  3. Support and Training: We provided extensive support and training to Luumäen Pelletti Oy’s staff, guiding them through the intricacies of the new system, and enabling them to manage the plant’s operations seamlessly.

  4. Electrical Work and Automation Cabinets: Our electrical work encompassed the plant’s comprehensive needs, and we installed state-of-the-art automation cabinets for efficient control.

  5. Remote Operating Software and Frequency Converters: We supplied sophisticated remote operating software and frequency converters, enhancing the plant’s operational capabilities.

  6. Spare Part Deliveries: To secure uninterrupted production, we also provided timely spare part deliveries, mitigating the risk of downtime due to equipment failure.


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The images attached depict the critical stages of the project, showcasing the plant equipment before and after Winno Energy’s intervention. The transformation from a partial setup to a fully functional, automated system stands as a testament to our expertise and dedication to client success.

Winno Energy’s successful completion of this project for Luumäen Pelletti Oy exemplifies our comprehensive approach to industrial installations and our unwavering commitment to ensuring that our clients’ facilities are not just operational, but optimized for peak performance and reliability.

By resolving the complex challenges at Luumäen Pelletti Oy’s pellet plant, Winno Energy not only secured the production line for 2023 but also set a new standard for operational excellence within the industry.


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