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About the client: Vatajankoski Oy is a Finnish energy company that permanently reduces its customers’ energy costs and climate emissions. Their solutions save more than they cost, and their operation is based on a transparent long-term partnership.

Project: Relocation of a 700KW Wood Chip Heating Plant from Kittilä to Pomarkku

Winno Energy Oy successfully completed a significant project for our client Vatajankoski Oy, involving the relocation of a 700KW wood chip heating plant from Kittilä to Pomarkku. Our comprehensive project scope and expertise laid the foundation for a successful transfer, encompassing several key stages.


wood chip heating plant

Project Phases:

  1. Plant Sale: We sold a used plant from Kittilä to our client. This involved a thorough assessment of the plant and finding a suitable buyer.
  2. Testing: Before starting the dismantling process, we conducted comprehensive testing to ensure that the plant would function as expected in its new location.
  3. Dismantling: The plant was carefully dismantled in Kittilä. We used specialized tools and techniques to ensure that all parts remained intact and usable during the transfer.
  4. Transportation: We transported the boiler plant and fuel storage from Kittilä to Pomarkku. This phase was carried out in accordance with strict safety standards and within the planned schedule.
  5. Assembly: Upon arrival in Pomarkku, we reassembled the plant. This process included installing the components of the plant and ensuring everything was operational.
  6. Commissioning: Finally, we commissioned the plant. This included checks, adjustments, and final tests to ensure that the plant operates efficiently and safely in its new environment.


Vatajankoski Oy

Turnkey Principle:

The project was carried out on a turnkey basis, meaning our client received a fully functioning plant without any additional worries. We provided a complete service package from start to finish, ensuring our client’s satisfaction and the smooth running of the project.

The expertise and experience of the Winno Energy Oy team in relocating wood chip heating plants ensure that each project is executed to the highest standards. This project from Kittilä to Pomarkku is an excellent example of our commitment to meeting client needs and providing quality service in the energy sector.

We understand the importance of renewable energy technology and how it can affect the environment and your own energy costs. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past few years to provide customers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their individual needs, helping them make the switch from traditional power sources to more efficient and cost-effective renewable energy technologies.

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Vatajankoski Oy

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