Winno Energy has long history in designing and supplying a wide range of biomass boiler plants in the Europe.

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CHP and Biomass boiler, Winno Energy.

Biomass plants involve the burning of organic material, such as wood, crops, and dung, to create heat and electricity. This type of plant is becoming more popular due to its potential to reduce carbon emissions and provide a renewable source of energy.

Industrial biomass boiler and chp from Winno Energy.


Waste to energy (W2E) plants are becoming increasingly popular as a means of generating electricity from waste material.

CHP and Biomass boiler, Winno Energy.


As technology advances, it is important to keep these facilities up-to-date with regular upgrades and services, in order to ensure their efficiency and output.

Juha Junttila, Winno Energy.


Winno Energy is one of the most innovative technology supplier in the biomass field and we would like to turn that material into valuable fuel source which will reduce CO2 emission footprint. 



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What is a industrial biomass boiler?

A biomass boiler is a type of boiler used in industrial settings that burns organic materials such as wood pellets, chips, or logs to generate heat and power.

The term ‘biomass’ refers to the use of organic matter as an energy source. By using these materials as fuel, biomass boilers are able to provide sustainable and cost-effective heating for large buildings and facilities.

The first biomass boilers were developed during the mid-19th century, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that they became widely used due to their ability to produce high temperatures and long-term heat.

Biomass boiler
Biomass boiler

How does a biomass boiler work?

Biomass boilers are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs. But how does a biomass boiler work? 

A biomass boiler is a device that converts organic material into heat or electricity. This type of renewable energy source uses wood chips, logs, plant waste, and agricultural residues to generate power.

The fuel is burned in a furnace which produces hot gases that are used to heat water within the boiler itself. This heated water then flows through pipes where it can be used for various purposes such as heating buildings or generating hot water for showers and washing machines.

What services we offer in biomass boilers and plants?

Winno Energy offers biomass boiler solutions for industrial customers who use fossil fuels for thermal energy production. 

Our biomass boiler size classes start at 500KW and end up to the 10MW size class. 

We also offer solid fuel storage solutions with a capacity of up to 1000M3. 

In addition, we have CHP plants that can be used to produce electricity from biomass.

If you currently spend more than GBP 100K on fossil fuels per year. Our solutions pay for themselves within 3-4 years.

Juha Junttila, Winno Energy.

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How much does a biomass boiler cost and what is its payback time?

Biomass boilers are an increasingly popular energy solution for businesses in the United Kingdom. They offer a renewable, cost-efficient way to generate heat and power your establishment’s operations. But how much does a biomass boiler actually cost, and what’s the expected payback time?

A biomass boiler can range in price from as little as £90,000 to more than several million pounds depending on capacity and features. Generally speaking, the greater the output capacity of the boiler, the higher its cost will be. Additionally, factors such as installation fees or maintenance contracts add to overall expenses associated with operating a biomass boiler system.

Generally speaking payback time is from three to five years depending of current energy market situation.

Biomass boiler.

What is industrial biomass boiler efficiency on average?

It is important to take fuel costs into account in boiler economy calculations. A biomass boiler that is strongly built can use low-quality fuel.

When using low-quality fuel, you have to remember the fuel’s affordability.
In this case, the operating costs of the biomass boiler are affordable.

Very often, a weak biomass supply system causes the need to use high-quality and expensive fuel.

For this reason, our company develops solutions so that it is possible to use low-quality biofuel that is affordable. Often this biofuel is local, which reduces the carbon footprint even more.

What size biomass boiler do I need?

When looking for an industrial biomass boiler provider in the United Kingdom, it is important to consider the size of biomass boiler that you need. The size of a biomass boiler depends on many factors such as the amount of energy required, local fuel availability, and environmental regulations. For businesses large or small, it is always best to consult with an expert before choosing a biomass boiler.

An experienced professional can help determine your exact needs and provide guidance on selecting the right type and size of boiler for your specific application. They can also advise on the most cost-effective solutions for installation and maintenance.

For those who are unsure about what size biomass boiler they need, reliable providers like Winno Energy offer customised solutions tailored to meet individual requirements. They will also be able to provide advice on getting maximum efficiency from your system while ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental regulations.

Biomass boiler
Biomass boiler.

Why Winno Energy?

In the United Kingdom, there are many providers of industrial biomass boilers available. These specialize in supplying high quality systems with advanced technology to businesses across all industries.
The best providers offer unparalleled customer service and expertise in helping clients choose the right system for their needs. They also ensure that every installation is completed efficiently while meeting all safety standards and regulations.

Winno Energy has many years of experience in designing and supplying a wide range of biomass boiler plants in United Kingdom.

Winno Energy not only supplies boiler plants in a range of sizes and variants, we also have vast experience in this sector and ability to design and configure biomass plants that match your requirements and fully comply with design standards.

Unlock the potential of renewable energy now! Our experts in Winno Energy have decades of experience in the biomass and waste to energy industry – so why wait any longer? 

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WINNO ENERGY: Your strong partner in biomass boiler plants

CHP and Biomass boiler, Winno Energy.
CHP and Biomass boiler, Winno Energy.

We understand the importance of renewable energy technology and how it can affect the environment and your own energy costs. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past few years to provide customers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their individual needs, helping them make the switch from traditional power sources to more efficient and cost-effective renewable energy technologies.

Biomass heating.
Wood chip, Winno Energy.

Our team is passionate about finding new, cost-effective solutions for our clients that not only reduce their environmental footprint but also help them save money in the long run.

Our innovative technical solutions can help.

Energy from waste, Winno Energy.
Industrial biomass boiler, Winno Energy.

Our team is dedicated to exploring the latest technologies that will enable you to harness the use of local fuel sources, so you can benefit from lower costs and smaller carbon footprint. 

We made deliveries in Finland, England and Scotland in past years and we are planning to expand to new markets in the coming years.

Winno Energy.

Winno Energy has long history in designing and supplying a wide range of biomass boiler plants in the Europe.

Picture of Juha Junttila

Juha Junttila

Juha is a Managing Director in Winno Energy and has a long history in bioenergy field.

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Let's discuss how you can increase profitability and decrease energy costs

We are always keen to discuss your biomass or biogas projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. We are trying our best to help with your enquiry. If we do not have a solution, we will try to help you find the right technologies for your needs.


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Best solution for commercial biomass projects (0.2-1MW)

We are offering boiler island solutions for our our who are switching to the biomass heating. Using our Winnovative biomass solutions they can reduce project risk and speed up delivery on site when our boiler island is installed under our supervision.

Combined Heat and Power option

Our boiler island solution allows CHP units which produce electricity via ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology. We have selected an ORC partners for biomass projects who have a proven track record.

Benefits of the technology

  • High fuel moisture content up to +45%
  • Competitive pricing
  • Smart automation
  • Remote control connection via mobile
  • Strong fuel feeding technology which allows to use low-quality fuels
  • CHP Option available
  • Robust walking floor where lorries would unload directly

Our offering

  • Biomass boiler island solution delivered to the site globally
  • Supervised installation support for clients and turnkey deliveries with our partners
  • Delivery to site directly from assembly plant

Biomass boiler islands

  • Pre-wired solution
  • Skid mounted unit
  • Plug-and-play solution

How to work with us?

  • Please send your heating requirements requirements
  • We will make an optimal solution proposal which will meet your requirements
  • We will deliver the biomass boiler island to your installation site
  • We will offer onsite support during installation and commissioning
  • Handover & training provided for biomass boiler plant




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